Our Approach

We are agile and nimble in our consultancy without the load of the usual rhetoric.

Our hands-on approach brings focus on structure, execution and practicality. This is one reason why we love spending plenty of time with our clients to make our consultancy meaningful. While bringing a fresh pair of eyes our credo is to “work with clients and not for clients”. Our services are flexible and solutions always tailored to varying consulting briefs.

For example; a comprehensive strategic marketing consult could help identify gaps and opportunities in business with a comprehensive report, a strategic business plan, a cost analysis and a time and milestone schedule to reach goals. Similarly we offer a suite of other strategic and tactical services that can help lift revenues and contain client costs quickly and smoothly to improve results.

Our fees are based on the nature of the assignment and are very competitive.

We work on both daily and hourly rates for short term assignments (up to 3 months). For longer or more complex mandates (more than 3 months) we work on fixed retainers.

For Start-ups and accelerators, we like to discuss options before engaging as there is need to align commercial objectives with risk and reward especially as each situation is so different.